Best Air Conditioner Under 40000 In India 2022

When you have confused in choosing the best air conditioner under 40000 in India 2022 you may find different brands listed up. our blog will help you to find and the right product according to your requirements, let’s get started.

Best Air Conditioner Under 40000 In India 2022

1) LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split Best Air Conditioner

  • 1.5 ton air conditioner suitable for medium sized rooms. 
  • Auto clean mode, dual inverter and many more features.
  • Uses r32 refrigerant for cooling system.

It is one of the best air conditioner under 40000 from the famous and well known brands LG. containing a capacity of 1.5 tonnes which is more suitable for medium sized rooms from 111 to 150 square feet.
The LG 1.5 ton 5 star inverter split AC is packed with a variable speed compressor, adjusting the power according to the heat load. There is an auto clean mode that cleans the bacteria and mold formation in the machine.

The air conditioner is energy efficient and has an energy rating of Hayabusa stars. Hence the annual energy consumption is 81 8.81 units and the ISEER value is 4.73.
One of the unique feature of the air conditioner is the Himalaya cool Technology. It promises to provide you the best feeling once you switch on the AC. The instant cooling makes you feel like you are in Himalayas.

Some of the Other unique features of the LG 1.5 ton 5 star inverter split air conditioner are the dual inverter Ocean blackfin, antibacterial filters and dehumidifier and magic display and EZ clean filter.
The ocean blackfan Technology delivers Unbreakable protection from dust, smoke and Chemicals present in environment. Also it protects the air conditioner from extreme corrosion.

The inverter air conditioner produces less noise ensuring complete peace of mind and deep sleep. The 4 in 1 cooling is a perfect piece for air conditioner requirements.
There are 100% copper materials used in the air conditioner indoor and outdoor units, acting as an anti corrosion agent. Copper materials is better for heat exchange rates. Does it enhances durability and extend the life span of the machine.

More details, are there is an intelligent diagnosis system in the LG 1.5 ton 5 star inverter split air conditioner. The system automatically send error notification with the proper error codes. you can solve them immediately by reaching the nearest LG Service Centre in your area.

2) Voltas 1.4 Ton 5 Star Inverter Adjustable Split Air Conditioner

  • 1.4 Ton AC suitable for medium sized rooms.
  • Super dry mode for instant dehumidification.
  • 1 year product warranty and four years Compressor warranty available.

Another one of the most selling models from traditional and ever trending brand is Voltas. Comes with a capacity of 1.4 tonnes and is ideal for a medium sized rooms upto 150 square feet.
The Voltas 1.4 ton 5 star inverter adjustable speed Air Conditioner weight is about 28.400 kgs and annual energy consumption is 830.48 KW Per power.

Also the ISEER value of the air conditioner is 3.168. The brand Voltas provides a one-year warranty for the unit and 4 years warranty for the compressor.
This Air conditioners unique features are high ambient and cooling, stabilizer free operation, copper condenser coil, advance air purification system, multistage filtration, and 4 way auto louver.
The Voltas 1.4 ton 5 star inverter adjustable split AC unit dimensions are 24.2 CM in length and 99 CM in width and 31.5 CM in height. it produces a low noise level of 46 DB.

The air conditioner has a useful superdry mode which dehumidifiers the room instantly. It operates on a higher cooling capacity and at the sametime it limits the blowing speed of the indoor fan.
Thus the new superdry Mod catches the additional water vapour in the surrounding air faster and saves time. over there are four fan speeds in AC and you can choose according to the need.
Choosing the fan speed in the air conditioner increases your comfort and provides convenience in all climatic conditions. thankfully there is a stabilizer free operation for voltages ranging from 100 to 290 v.

High ambient cooling in the machine is a friendly technology that control the temperature. The Voltas 1.4 ton 5 star inverter adjustable split air conditioner cools even at 52 degrees celsius and above other higher temperatures.

3) Whirlpool 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner


  • 2 ton AC suitable for home and office use. 
  • Advanced MPFI Technology. 
  • One year product warranty and 10 years Compressor warranty.

It is one of the latest models that offer Great Value and benefits for the users. Whirlpool 2 ton 3 star inverter split air conditioner has a 1 year warranty for the product and a tremendous 10 year warranty for the compressor.
The air conditioner has an energy star rating of three and annual energy consumption is 1255.48 kilowatt hours. the AC include unique features such as an inverter, dust filter, turbocool and dehumidifier.

The advanced mpfi technology contain a mixture of small circuits and capillary designs. These designs are helpful to provide faster cooling and high comfort.
There are r32 refrigerant in the Whirlpool 2 ton 3 star inverter split AC. These refrigerants are much better than the r410 and they deliver a stunning effect.

This model prevents the growth of microorganisms and other harmful bacteria in your air conditioner. Also it protect the evaporator coil in the machine from rusting and saves from further damages.
The self diagnosis function in the Whirlpool 2 ton 3 star inverter split AC displays the error and their codes on the panel. It alerts you about the problems in the initial stages and help you in solving them early.

Special environment friendly Eco mode is available on the Inverter AC which makes the compressor runs slow. By reducing the speed it minimises the pressure in the condenser. As a result the Eco mode decreases the energy of the motor and at the same time efficiency increases.
Whirlpool 2 ton 3 star inverter split air conditioner comprises of power saving auto restart mode. This mode reasons the operation from where it has left when there is a power failure or shutdown. Thus you can save more energy and that time.

Buying Guide For The Best Air Conditioner Under 40000 

With several feature available today’s in market it is not simple to choose the best air conditioner under 40000. hence, we help you decide the best air conditioner by listing the essential features in this a guide.

Types Of Air Conditioners

Windows Air Conditioning Systems

This type of air conditioners comes in large sizes as it enclosures every component inside the single unit they are also cheap compared to the other hair conditioners.On the other hand the window air conditioners produce so much noise and required thick and strong installation walls if your walls are thinner than you need an additional structure replace the air conditioner.

Split Air Conditioning System

This types of air conditioners are trendy and content to separate units. Where the dispenser are placed in the external unit which is placed outside the home.This split air conditioners produce less MI and are costlier. Thankfully they can be installed on any wall irrespective of size. However these are difficult to install.

Capacity Of Air Conditioning

It is one of the essential factors while purchasing and air conditioner in your home or any other places. You have to decide the capacity based on the room sizes and noise level and Number of persons living in this rooms and temperature.

Room Size For Air Conditioning

What is the primary thing in deciding the capacity of the air conditioners for example on the 1 ton AC is ideal for rooms with sizes up to 150 square feet.

Noise Level of Air Conditioning

If you have kids or old age person in your room or home or any other places. the loud AC is not suitable for your home offices and where you use your Air Conditioner. always make sure to check the air conditional sounds especially in the cases of Window AC.

Temperature of the Place

If you live in a place with extreme summer temperature. you have to use a 1.5 or to turn their conditioners irrespective of the room sizes.

Energy Efficiency Air Conditioner

Every air conditioner has a label that shows that  Energy Efficiency in star rating. It is always necessary to choose a higher star rating hair conditioner as it decreases your power consumption.This is a 5 Star air conditioner consume less electricity than an AC with a 3 star rating. however a 5 star rating is more expensive than a 3-star rating. But it saves you Finally on power bills.

Copper Coils In Air Conditioner

Most of the modern air conditional come with copper coins as they increase the total efficiency of copper files provides high durability and enough heat transfer efficiency.
Furthermore they require less maintenance and can withstand high pressure. The cost of the best AC with copper coil is higher than the AC with aluminium coil.

Filters Available In Air Conditioner

The filters of the air conditioner are responsible for removing the harmful bacteria and dust particles in the air conditioner. You have to carefully check the filters in the best air conditioner under 40000 as they provide you fresh and healthy and clean air in your home and places.

Sleep Modes In Air Conditioners

This is one of the unique features you have to consider in the best air conditioner under 40000. It saves more electricity bill by maintaining the chillness throughout the night.
This is all reviews of air conditioners and buying guides of air conditioners thank you for reading this post.
Her’s are the 5 Best Air Conditioner Under 40000 In India 2022