Best BoAt Airdopes In India Under 3000

If you don’t know what is the number one beer brand in India most of the credit goes to the Airdopes series. The boat airdopes tws series rules the market. But out of 20 Plus and increasing airdopes options here are the 5 best boat airdopes of that we have research.

Hair we have reviewed and compared most of the airdopes from boat with only objective to find the best one for our readers. So that being said here are the best boat airdopes below.

1) Best Boat Airdopes 141

BoAt Airdopes

Features of Boat Airdopes 141 :-

1) Type C charging socket

2) Matte design on the case

3) IPx4 sweat resistance

4) 600 MAH battery

5) Support fast charging

Boat airdopes 141 is a a successor of the Highly popular boat airdopes 131. We have reviewed boat airdopes 141 and can confidently say that boat airdopes 141 is a grade upgrade overall. It’s got touch controls on boat earbuds too.

The Silicon tips of the Airdopes offers a Slug fit so you can use this for jogging or walking or even perhaps running. For the best possible fit, Boat Airdopes includes two additional pairs of tips for better grip and comfort.

10 mm audio drivers on each airdopes produce great quality music. Be it vocals, instrument or even base the Airdopes maintain the detailed with a greater level of loudness. If you like thumping Bass then you can go with this.

2) BoAt Airdopes 121v2

BoAt Airdopes

Features of BoAt Airdopes 121v2 :- 

1) Snug Fit in the Ears

2) Good For Walking & Jogging

3) Compact Size of Airdopes as Well as Carry Case

4) Battery Percentage is Very Bright & Easy to Read

5) Crisp And Clear Audio Quality

6) Upto 5 Hours of Battery Backup

Boat airdopes 121 V2 is a very compact and small form factor airdopes. The silicone ear tips make a good sale and airdopes don’t fall off that easily. So for casual walking or running they will be good.

Don’t think due to the small size they might not sound good but the 8mm audio drivers deliver loud and destruction free audio quality. The BoAt Sound signature which is heavy bass and clear vocals and descend trouble is also present on Boat Airdopes 121v2.

Even though the carry case is small it can charge your Airdopes 0-100 about 3 times. While we are at it, the birds themselves can go as long as 5 hours on a single go.

3) BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro

BoAt Airdopes
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Features of BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro :- 

1) Touch Controls on Both Airdopes

2) Good Build Quality

3) Earhooks For Better Grip

4) IPx7 Water Resistance

5) 2600mAh Carry Case

6) Support Fast Charging

7) Great Battery Backup

8) Good Audio Quality

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro or the regular Airdopes 441 is for fitness or sports persons. This Airdopes have your hooks and changeable silicone ear tips you can find a snug and comfortable fit within no time. Since all the sports will involve the sweat, boat airdopes 441 Pro comes with ipx7 water resistance.

The 6mm audio drivers do a great job of delivering loud and clear audio output. Unlike other boat airdopes that offer deep bass this one focuses one more on treble and vocals while maintaining a great level of detail with decent bass. If you care for music as it is actually then boat airdopes 441 Pro is a clear recommendation from an audiophile to an audiophile.

For Convenience, Boat Airdopes 441 Pro comes equipped with touch control so you can exchange songs and accept calls are launched the Google assistance with just a tap.

If you are like those of our readers who get battery anxiety, then you should purchase boat airdopes 441 Pro as soon as possible. The 2600mAh battery case will keep you tension free for weeks. This carry case is capable to charge your phone in emergency situations to just like a power bank.

Another thing that we like about this boat airdopes 441 is is the dual mic on each Airdopes. Thanks to dad you will get a clear and life like call quality. For most of the work from home, this was my goto buddy pretty much all the time.

4) Boat Airdopes 621

BoAt Airdopes
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Features of Boat Airdopes 621 :-

1) Best in Class Built Quality

2) Type C Charging Available

3) Big Battery Percentage Indicator for  Airdopes

4) Bluetooth Range is Very Good

5) IPx7 Water & Dust Resistance

6) Upto 150 Hours Battery Backup

Boat airdopes 621 is a premium as it gets with boat airdopes 441. The great build can be experience with the carry cum charge case and Airdopes as well. The big battery display offers good visibility and Karan battery status of the charging case as well as the Airdopes.

As far as audio quality is concerned it’s quite similar to boat airdopes 441 Pro. It also offers crystal clear locals and treble with great details. Other than audio like boat airdopes 441 and boat airdopes 621 also borrows Power Bank like charging. In other words you can charge your smartphone in an emergency situation.

In terms of battery it’s remarkable with 2600mAh brik you can enjoy media for 150 hours. While on a stretch you can get juice for 5 hours. It supports fast charging. Show 5 minutes of charge can get you one hour of juice.

Bluetooth 5.0 is also strong point of boat airdopes 621. 2 5.0 is common to pretty much all the boat airdopes somehow this one seems to be the one of with the best Bluetooth connectivity. The audio drop audio breaking is non exist under 10 meters.

Last Words About Best Boat Airdopes

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