Best Demat Account To Open In India 2022

If you are looking to find the best Demat account to open in India you have come to the right place. This best Demat account in India post will share the best brokers to open an account in India based on pricing and feature and support. By the end of this post you should be conveniently able to find a good broker to invest.

Best Demat Account To Open In India 2022

1) Zerodha Demat Account

Best Demat Account

Zerodha is another popular platform to open a demat account. The company charges of flat Rs 20 or 0.03 % Which ever is lower per order. If not of upstox & zerodha should be your ultimate opinion to choose.

Zerodha is another best platform to create a demat account in India. The Bangalore based discount broker company started back in 2010 and created use difference in India’s discount broking model. Today the platform has around 5 million users and allows you to invest in stocks and mutual funds and derivatives and many more. The discount broker has a good customer support service and 24 into 7 assistance via phone and tickets. 

Zerodha charges a pretty low brokerage of 0.03% or Rs 20 per executed order which is  lower. In the case of the delivery trades, Zerodha does not charge any brokerage at all.

Moving over to the interface zerodha has a user-friendly interface for sure and it should not take time for you to get used to it even if you are completely new to stock trading. Besides it provides users with advanced charts and indicators and tools for technical analysis. This is how the holding dash board looks like.

Features of Zerodha

1) Zerodha varsity helps you learn all the basics of the stock market.

2) Rs 300 charges for account opening

3) Zero brokerage on delivery.

4) Good Margin from 4 to 15 times.

5) The maximum brokerage charge is Rs 20 for every executed order.

6) It comes with advanced charts, indicators, and other tools for technical analysis.

2) Upstox Demat Account

Best Demat Account

Up stocks is the best platform to open a demat account in India. Upstox charges of flat Rs 20 for order is respective of the trading amount makes them the most affordable platform. There are also brokerages on digital gold and I am mutual funds. This extracts Demat account is best for beginners and someone who need fast account activation process.

In my opinion Upstox is the overall best place to create a demat account in India. UPstox is a Mumbai based discount broker company back by some of the best names like Ratan Tata and used by 40 + lakh traders. Upstox comes with advanced charts and tools alongside low brokerage charges.

Upstox charges Rs 20 for every intraday trade and has zero brokerage on delivery. Further the platform offer zero Commission trading on mutual funds and digital golds and IPO.

I am using it for more than a year and I love it more than other trading platforms. Being a first time trader I found upstox user interface is much easier for me.
In fact up stocks is the primary account I used for daily trading as well as to hold my long term Investments. If you login into your account you can easily look into the Movers and shakers based on different kinds of criteria like “one week High” & “one month High” etc.

Next you can find a top of top losers and the big list of smart investment ideas like top ROCE, High P/E Ratio stocks etc. With all these features you don’t need a third party tool to analyse stocks.

There Are Many Reasons To Choose Upstox App :-

1) You can Purchase stocks with just 50% funds where the rest of 50% will be shared from upstox through margin trading facility (MTF) feature. This feature can be activated from the dashboard.
2) the company offers a free Demat account now. It also includes RS 1,000 work credits which you can use it in the first 30 days. With Rs 1000 brokerage credit you can place 50 free orders (Rs 20 per order)
3) upstox offers you a free stock and it will be credited in 48 hours after account opening.
4) Their new web and app portals comes with Industries best features with options to use between tradingview and chart IQ graphs. It also brought powerful charts with 100+ indicators available.

3) Angle One Demat Account

Best Demat Account

Angel one is the another largest stock broker Platform in India. Angel One charges Rs 20 per order for intraday and F&O. There are no charges for equity delivery. For a limited time Angel one offers free margin trade funding for 30 days.

The Angel one is the third largest stock broker in India with a large customer base across India. You can open a free Demat account with angel one and get discount voucher worth Rs 15,000 from top brands. (Offer valid till November 30, 2021)
There is no upfront payment in Angel one and initial margin depends on the money deposit. The minimum brokerage charge is respective of any size of the investment is Rs 20. The recently launched mobile app is Neet and sleek and I used them on the regular basis for my intraday trading.

Apart from their app they also redesign the web interface that offers a better trading experience. The Layout is clean without not distractions and that’s one thing why I started liking them recently.

Angle One Features 

1) The Angle One platform is pretty advanced with good research tips.

2) A trusted name with 25 plus years of good track records.

3) Free Demat account.

4) 5 Paisa Demat Account

Best Demat Account

Similar to zerodha and upstox 5paisa also charges of flat Rs 20 per order. This makes them another affordable platform in the market. 5paisa also offers you a free Demat account for a limited time.

5paisa is a decent Demat account broker in India. It comes with a flat fee structure. The discount broker is also available as a mobile app and offers and exceptionally user-friendly interface. The discount broker allows you to open a demat account for free. 5paisa charges of brokerage of Rs 20 for executed order.

If you choose the Ultra trader pack for Rs 999 you can place a trade worth crores for just Rs 10 for every trade. And the first hundred trades would be for free. Besides there would be no brokerage on delivery in this plan.

Besides being one of the lowest brokerage platforms 5paisa gives you the advantage of zero charges on account opening and you can open a demat account with 5paisa in just one day.

Features of 5Paisa

1) The account opening process is pretty fast and simple.

2) 5 Paisa is easy to use.

3) Low brokerage charges.

4) No charges on Demat account opening.

5) ICICI Direct Demat Account

Best Demat Account

ICICI direct now offers discount brokerage services similar to zerodha and upstox. You can sell stocks and get the money into your bank account in less than 30 minutes. Icicidirect became the first brokerage to offer this feature.

Trusted by 40 lakh customers ICICI direct is a pretty popular brokerage company. The platform is known for seamless trading back by an award-winning research team. You can avail loan against the stocks and I think no other Demat account offers such a feature. Further the platform gives you the advantage of the most advanced and intuitive trading tools.

Through their new plan you can pay just Rs 20 per trade for intraday and future trading. This ICICI Demat account maintenance fees is Rs 304 Per year from the second year onwards. That makes it comparatively cheaper than the many options.
If you have an ICICI bank account then you can we have a demat account open in less than 5 minutes as they will fetch your bank data to fast of the process. One more thing with icicidirect you can sell stocks and get the money in your bank account in under 30 minutes.

As far as the brokerage structure goes ICICI has three different plans secure and saver in prepaid brokerage. Some of the downsides are the lack of multiple trading graphs, lack of brokerage calculator and poor mobile apps.

Features of ICICI Direct 

1) Insurance option are also available in icicidirect.

2) transfer of funds is very easy.

3) 3 in one Demat account model.

4) icicidirect is a reputed company.

6) Sharekhan Demat Account

Best Demat Account

Sharekhan started in 2008 has been around for many years now with over 16 lakh customers. Sharekhan is one of the first few companies to make online trading popular in Indian market. Sharekhan comes with good products and services.

In Sharekhan you don’t have to pay any charges for the best Demat account in India with Sharekhan. And another advantage you have which Sherkhan is that you don’t have to pay Demat account maintenance charges for the first year. However Sharekhan is is certainly not the cheapest option available since it charges 10 paise per share and his eventually makes it hard to trade in low price stocks.

One way to reduce brokerage is by selecting its prepaid plan. However it is not refundable and just in case you don’t use up the brokerage within the given timeframe you will lose the upfront fee as it will get lapsed.

Features of Sharekhan

1) Prepaid plan for reduce brokerage.

2) Free online classroom sessions available.

3) No charge on fund transfer from Bank to the trading account.

4) No charge on call And Trade.

5) Opening a demat account is free of any charge.

Conclusion On Best Demat Account To Open In India

One confusion that most beginners encounter is the difference between the best Demat account in India and A trading account in India. It is effortless to understand. To trade or invest in the share market you will need both accounts.
While trading account is related to trading alone a demat account is where you store your stocks until you square of the trade. Interestingly you can have a trading account with one broker and a demat account with another broker.

However it is not a wise thing to do since you can have them both with the same broker and this makes things simple for you or loving you to only concentrate on your trading.

Reading this post this for you should now have a decent idea of you to all the available brokers for the best Demat account in India. However choosing a suitable broker platform is completely your cal and depends a lot on your trading perspective which can be long term and short term for intraday. 

You must use an affordable service for your requirements and apart from that you must always check the application and technical analysis tool will before choosing a broker and before creating a account visit the official websites of the stock market companies & check all related documents on their websites before investing. i have not responsible for any inconvenience & loss of your money, Invest On Your Own Risk.

As far as my experience goes I started with upstox. I have found of stocks by far better in all aspects and it continues to be my favourite with reasonable brokerage charges and advanced chart and advanced technical analysis tools available on their website and apps.