Best Engine Oil For Royal Enfield In India 2022

Royal Enfield guys are quite attached to their bike and if you are among them you must be looking for the best engine oil for Royal Enfield in india to protect it from any damages.
Your search for best engine oil for Royal Enfield in India is over as we have shortlisted best engine oils for Royal Enfield bikes based on the parameters below that you should consider before you buy engine oil next time for your Royal Enfield.

  • Oil Viscosity 
  • Cooling Mechanism 
  • Cleaning Abilities

Let’s go through our list of best engine oil for Royal Enfield in India 2022 to make an informed decision.

Best Engine Oil for Royal Enfield in India 

1) Shell Advance AX7 15W-50 API SM Semi Synthetic Best Engine Oil for Royal Enfield in India 

best engine oil for royal enfield in India

Shell Advanve Best Royal Enfield Engine Oil in India 

If you need less noise and high performance from your Royal Enfield Bike, then go with Shell Advance AX7 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil.
Shell Advance AX7 oil contains an active cleansing technology that keeps mud and dirt from depositing in the engine walls.

Oil reduces a lot of friction and hence there is not much production of noise and vibration and gives you guaranteed performance to your bike.

The oil meets specification from the API and JASO making it fit for your cruiser bike.
Shell engine oil also prolongs the life of your bullets engine and improved efficiency with good quality additives.

Pros :- 

  • High performance 
  • Superb Quality 
  • Does not let the dust particles stick to the engine walls
  • Lesser noise from first used

Cons :-

  • Might not be optimum for vehicles in summer.
  • The oil does not cool down very fast.

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 Mobil Super Moto 4T Synthetic Technology 15W – 50 Best Engine Oil for Royal Enfield in India 

best engine oil for royal enfield in India

Mobil Super Best Engine Oil for Royal Enfield in India 

Mobil super moto 4T provides 57% more wear protection from regular engine oils by adding a protective layer over different parts of the engine.
The oil lubricates the engine so well that the clutch can move smoothly and the transmission is hassle-free.

Thus you get reduce friction between parts and avoids any kind of excessive wear and Tear to the engine. You also get a longer valve train and bearing component life because of super corrosion protection properties.

The oil has a good SAE weightage that makes it ideal for cold regions the viscosity remains low at low temperature ideal for a smooth bike ride in Harsh weather conditions.

Pros :- 

  • Protective features for the engine.
  • Good lubrication to the clutch.

Cons :- 

  • Not ideal for less capacity vehicles.
  • Not effective at high temperatures.

3) Castrol Power 1 Cruise 15W50 2.5 Litre Synthetic Performance Best Engine Oil for Royal Enfield in India 

best engine oil for royal enfield in India

Castrol Power Engine Oil for Royal Enfield in India 

Castrol power 1 Cruise is ideal for heavy duty 4 stroke bikes whether they have fuel injection function or a regular carburettor.

The oil cools down quickly after returning from the engine does increases engine life in North Indian Summer Heat.

The oil cleans and protect the engine from wear and tear and damage because of unique formula that reduces the formation of Ashes as well as prevent the production of harmful and poisonous gases.

Castrol power 1 Cruise oil meets all the international standards like API SL, JASO MA-2 standards so you need not worry about engine health.

Pros :- 

  • Ideal for both carburettor as well as fuel injection systems.
  • Reduce Ashes and harmful gas exhaustion.
  • Oil cools down quickly makes it ideal for long drives in summer.
  • Eco friendly oil.

Cons :- 

  • Requires oil change after long drive.
  • This Oil is Expensive.

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4) Castrol Activ Cruise 4T 15W -50 API SL Engine Oil For Bikes

best engine oil for royal enfield in India

Castrol Active Engine Oil for Royal Enfield in India 

Castrol Activ Cruise 4T provides 3x protection from starting as well as during running the bike.

Castrol activ Cruise oil with anti Bond molecules protects against harmful deposite builds up, so Secure your bikes in from the ill effects of long drives.
This Oil performs well at cold temperature also due to 15W – 50 viscosity rating.

Pros :- 

  • Reduce excessive pressure on engine
  • Avoid that the position
  • 3X Engine protection available

Cons :- 

  • A bit expensive
  • Don’t reduce engine noise

5) Motul 3000 4T Plus 15W 50API SM HC Tech Best Engine Oil for Royal Enfield in India 

best engine oil for royal enfield in India

Motul 3000 Best Engine Oil for Royal Enfield in India 

Motul 3000 4T engine oil is protective engine oil contents of catalytic converter that increases the efficiency of the oil. The oil promotes smoother transmission by providing enough for lubrication to the clutch.

Motul 3000 4T has a very good thermal resistance that gives you high performance on longer drives.
You also get a good amount of additives that cleans and protect your bullets engine from any damage.

Motul 3000 4T satisfies all the standards from JASO MA, API SL, And makes it fit for all heavy duty Royal Enfield Bullet.
Once changed the oil can last long upto 6 to 8 months. Hence you do not required to change the oil frequently.

Pros :-

  • Give smoother transmission
  • Cleans and protects the engine

Cons :- 

  • A bit Expensive
  • Not ideal for low capacity motorcycles

Things to consider while buying engine oil for Royal Enfield

1) Cleansing AbilitiesThe engine oil is made up of two things additives and base oil. Additives clean the engine and protect it from any kind of damage and the base oil is used for clutching and bathing to avoid any friction.
Your engine oil must contain 10 to 30% additives to keep engine internal clean as well as protected from fractions.

2) Cooling MechanismThe engine oil hits of a lot while it is working inside the engine after the engine the oil returns to the oil Pan when it returns back it should cool down fast to ensure the longevity of engine.

3) Oil ViscosityRoyal Enfield is a heavy duty vehicle require a SAE grade highly visco engine oil.If you have a new twin Spark or EFI Royal Enfield bike then go for 15w 50 viscosity, Here 15w is the viscosity and 50 is the grading of the oil. Higher the number more thick the oil would be.

If you are having an old Royal Enfield bike then go with 20w 50 engine oil as those engines are less precisely built thus prone to more wear and Tear. A more viscous engine oil would avoid that wear and tear.


If you love to go for long drives then use Shell Advice API engine oil that meets all International standards and provides good thermal resistance to your bullets engine on the longer drives.

Castrol power 1 Cruise 15 w 50 engine oil is very eco friendly as it reduce harmful gas production and enhance engine performance making it ideal for all Royal Enfield bikes.