Best Mini PC In India 2022

One of the most unique developments in the world of computers, best Mini PC offer the strength of a desktop combine with a smaller built than that of a laptop. Though they are not as high end PC when it comes to performance mini PC still offer an amazing performance fit in a small package. This devices is offer High customisability and you can choose your own monitors and mouses and keyboards and other accessories. Unlike laptops they provide all the ports necessary to connect multiple monitors.

You Must be thinking why should I Buy a Mini PC?

Mini pieces are perfect for small space businesses, officers in Educational Institutes. They provide almost similar computing power as a full-fledged PC but in a compact and customisable and energy-efficient package. Not only are mini PC is portable but also are there a versatile. They can fit in any kind of space and place. They are also pocket friendly and different mini PC have varied OS supports.

Some Issues With Mini PC

Birthday are few concern associated with mini PC too. They generally provide integrated GPU with the device moving to the requirement of a compact size. Another issue is the number of ports. Some PC have higher number of ports. But mini-pc generally fall short in this criteria. There is another setback in mini pc. A few of their internal components cannot be customised because of the Limited availability of space inside the frame. The manufacturer cannot fit in a fan which also leads to heating issues due to a lack of adequate cooling.
In this post we are going to cover the best mini PC in Indian market which you can consider if you are planning to buy one. This article covers mini PC with different utilities like Business usage and compact usage and gaming uses and some others. The intention is to cover each uses variable to provide a fair picture to you. So let’s get started.

Best Mini PC In India 

1) ASUS Chromebox 4 Best Mini PC In India

Best Mini PC in India

ASUS Chromebox 4 Best Mini PC In India

If it would be safe to say that Asus makes the best chromebox devices. The Asus chromebox 4 is no exception. This device has kept in mind the used requirements of external devices a mini PC would need and which is why it has 5 USB-A ports. Two HDMI ports have also been provided and both supports 4K display. Another USB port has been provided in this Asus Chromebox 4 and in it you can connect other accessories or even better or 3rd display via USB C hub. In order to support this component intensive devices Asus makes sure that the chromebox 4 packs a punch. 
The mini PC comes with the 10 generation of Intel processors and you have the option of i3 Core and i5 and i7 Core. You can choose one from the two Ram variant as well 8GB and 16GB. Asus has done wonders in the storage section as well it provides solid state drives in 128 GB or 256 GB options. This means that the OS will be super smooth and loading programs and booting will be much quickly.

Why You Should Not Purchase the Asus Chromebox 4

Now let us have a look at the cons of the chromebox 4. First is the Chrome OS – if you have worked with Mac OS for Windows quite some time like me it would be a little difficult to adapt to the Chrome OS.There is no tutorial in the beginning which makes the UI quite pesky. There are some possible Wi-Fi 6 issues as well. Some apps are also do not optimise for the Desktop Environment. But one thing is sure that it is one of the best mini PC to enter the market and it has satisfied a lot of chromebox fanatics.

2) Dell OptiPlex 7080 Micro Best Business Mini PC In India

Dell OptiPlex 7080 Micro Best Business Mini PC In India

Dell OptiPlex 7080 Micro Best Business Mini PC In India

With an impressive storage option GPU and CPU components, the Dell optiplex 7080 easily takes the cake in the small business mini pc section. It is available with the choices of 10 possible 10th Generation Intel CPU, starting from the 35 watt core i3 to the 65 watt Core i9. This impressive range of CPU can help you choose the best one according to your usage and budget. Similarly the original device comes with 4 GB of RAM but this can be increased up to 64GB. This is impressive in the case of mini PC. You also have the option to install up to two storage drives and SSD are supported in both. This impressive device can also fit in a discrete GPU which is almost there in mini pc. 

Why Should You Not Purchase the Dell OptiPlex 7080 Micro

This device comes with an impressive set of specs, but there are a few cons as well. The cooling fan is horribly loud under heavy usage. Which is normally given the design and specs. When performing graphics intensive task the fan is very noisy and cake make it irritating to work in an enclosed space. There is also a shortage of type C USB ports which can be bothersome for some peoples. The Dell optiplex 7080 also has a certain space issue within. You cannot fit any SSD in case you use a dedicated Radeon GPU as it takes up most of the space. Apart from this cons the device is an amazing mid range mini PC. It would be a good choice given its components and upgradability.

That’s Brings Up to the end of the best Mini PC In Our Indian Markets.

You can look at all the above options and choose a mini PC according to a usage requirements. The mini PC might be a very innovative transition from those used workstation and personal computers.

Are Best Mini Pc In India Worth Buying

While most mini PC will not be as efficient in uses as a full fledged desktop or laptop. They Pack in the best specifications in a small space. If you have space constraints or want to maintain the simplicity of your workspace and make it look less technical, you might consider a best mini PC over desktop or laptops. But if gaming is the intention you might want to search for the proper Gaming Rig instead of mini pc. Though there are some great contenders in the gaming space. Like the intel NUC 9, they still have some drawbacks which the big gon’s do not. Yet again with small space consumption mini-pc might be the next big thing in gaming as well.