Best Silent Air Cooler In India

Best Silent Air Cooler In India / Best Air Coolers In India

India can have rough summers. So it is necessary to find ways to keep your cool and avoid heat waves. Best Silent Air cooler in India are one of the greatest cooling options for regions where the summers are hot and dry.

They are popular since they are both cost effective and environmentally beneficial. In other hand chosing the best air cooler can be a bit puzzling.

So here, we have mention best air coolers in India that you can choose best on your preference and features and your budget.

1) Orient Electric Smartcool Best Silent Air Cooler In India

Orient Electric Smartcool Best Silent Air Cooler In India

Orient brings together cutting edge features and superior cooling experience with its wide range of personal and desert air coolers. The Orion electric smart cool air cooler is the brands best selling with a host of attractive features.

  • This air cooler is coupled with powerful air gust and super cooling abilities and thanks to this speed air delivery with 4 way cooling and a 20 litres water tank.
  • This one is an absolutely purchase for hot and humid summers.
  • It has a dust filter and Ice Chamber and a mechanical nerve controller and also water level indicator is available and oscillating louvers for maximum cooling.
  • It also features the innovative Dense Net Technology making the honeycomb pads give you 25% more coding by returning 45% water.
  • It is also inverter compatible and energy efficient and has an ABS body for safety and it is ideal for small to mid size rooms.
  • At Some times the noise levels may get too high
  • The water tank to could need refilling again and again To Run continuously.

2) Crompton Ozone Desert Best Silent Desert Air Cooler In India

Crompton Ozone Best Silent Air Cooler In India

Cromptons unique range of air coolers for superior cooling helps you beat hot summers. You can now stay cool and refreshed with its excellent features like Wood Wool cooling pads and wide angle air flow and easy to clean Chambers and its capacity is 75 litres

The powerful delivery of the Ozone 75 air cooler helps to keep the room cool and refreshing for a long time.

This cooler has an Ice Chamber which ensures that Chilly air is infused with a boost of ice like chill.

The everlast pump prevents logging in the cooler even with Harsh water insuring its lifetime. Adjust the direction of the air according to your needs with four way air deflection which not only keeps your room cool but also relaxing you.

The inverter compatible of the Ozone 75 air cooler enables continuous cooling even during power outages.

3) Kenstar Slim Line 30 Litre Best Silent Air Cooler In India

Kenstar Slim Line Best Silent Air Cooler In India

Kenstar air cooler are design in tune with the changing needs of consumers. As it is with all things kenstar has introduced slim line coolers that are compact and occupile small floor space but provided fast and effective cooling. And its capacity is 30 Litres.

It is ideal for medium size rooms Kenstar slim line comes with woodwool evaporative pads for an efficient and long lasting cooling experience.

The tank capacity is also ideal even if you use the cooler for long hours. With an airthro capability of 35 feet slim line insurance the whole of the room including the corners is uniformly cooled. The kenstar slim line cooler also saves an electricity and it is compatible with inverters also. It features 4 way air deflection and three speed settings for a pleasant cooling experience. You can use it both Indoor and outdoors purposes.

4) Symphony HiCool Best Silent Air Cooler With Remote Control And Ipure Technology

Symphony Hi Cool Best Silent Air Cooler In India

The leading brand Symphony high cool is one of the most popular personal air coolers. Stylish with a performance to match high cool is one of the best air coolers under 10000 with many advance and modern features.

This air cooler is ideal for bedrooms because of its optimum air flow at bed level. Symphony high cool look stunning has a compact design and comes with a full function remote control the digital touch control panel is made of feather touch Technology. It come with the innovative old floor dispenser for even distribution of water on cooling pads does higher and better cooling performance over all. SMPS Protect against voltage fluctuations while the IPure Technology filters air 5 times to give you allergy free and bacteria free air. A 31 litres tank capacity and other features like empty water tank alarm and timer functions and Dura pump Technology, humidity control, make it one of the tops in India.

5) Havells Freddo Best Silent Air Cooler In India

Havells Freddo Best Silent Air Cooler

Havells being a Pioneer in product innovation has once again brought in a unique range of smart coolers with Breatheezee Technology TM. Havells excellent features compact design and air purification system make it one of the best desert cooler in India for summer. And its capacity is 70 litres.

The Havells Freddo cooler is one of the small air coolers that comes with a dust filter and honeycomb cooling pads that keep dust and insect out of the cooler.

The fan is design elegantly with large space Wings For a compatible cooling experience. It holds up to 18 litres of water and is ideal for indoors and children’s rooms and small shops and personal spaces.

Other features includes three sides dust filter nets and ice compartment and three sided honeycomb cooling pads making it one of the best home coolers

6) Bajaj Platini 36 Litres Room Best Silent Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini Best Silent Air Cooler

Bajaj Platina air cooler tops our list of best air cooler in India. One of the top selling in India it is durable and compact and affordable priced and comes with the promise of Bajaj. The leader in the home appliances in India. You can certainly not go wrong with this one.

Bajaj Platina air cooler is suitable for both small officers and rooms. It has a cooling capacity of 150 square feet and airthrow distance is 30 feet. Honeycomb pads on three sides insure fast and efficient cooling while four way air deflection makes your air goes to every corner of the room. The water tank capacity is 36 litres so you don’t have to refill it again and again. The body is corrosion free the castor wheels make it easy to move it between rooms to rooms and it also comes with chill trap Technology for active cooling. It is durable and long lasting the noise level is considerably low.

7) Maharaja Whiteline Best Silent Air Cooler

7) Maharaja Whiteline Best Silent Air Cooler

Maharaja whiteline has been one of the leading consumer durable brands in India for more than 40 years now. Quality and innovation and durability and affordability are some factors that have made the brand immensely popular especially in North India. The Maharaja whiteline air cooler is a desert window air cooler it can also be used as a table top cooler. And its capacity is 50 litres.

The air cooler has been design for large rooms ideally up to 400 square feet. The water tank has a capacity of 50 l which last long even after continuous use. The body of this air cooler is shock proof and the cooler has wood wool padding that ensures effective cooling with good water absorption. Heavy air through up 30 feet covers the entire room including the corners. It has a blower feature for powerful air blast and comes with a mosquito net and back panel that ensures the water does not become a breeding ground for them.

Tips to Make the Best Air Cooler Perform Better This Summer

In addition to keeping our summer school with coolers it is also essential to take care of them properly to keep them lasting for a long time. Here are some tips and tricks to make your cooler perform better in this summer season.

Maintain Proper Ventilation In Room

In contrast to air conditioners air coolers need Open Spaces to evaporate hot air. It works efficiently by providing smooth air flow for better cooling.

Fill the Water with Ice

If you have to increase the cooling efficiency then adding ice to the Water in the tank. Some coolers come with ice compartments making the pads and air cooler.

Make Sure Your Air Cooler is Well Maintained

Check the air coolers before using them in the summer. At dust and pollutant particles build up on the pads they should be clean regularly. Clean the blades and get cooler service for better cooling experience.

Place The Air Cooler Nearest To the Window

Air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling. Place the air cooler nearest to the window and adjust it a little so that it provides better cooling experience to you.

Conclusion on Air Coolers

Air coolers are won budget friendly way to survive dry summers. There are popular as they are easy to maintain and can be used both indoor and outdoor purposes. Through this article you can find the best air coolers and you how you maintain them. This environment friendly air coolers provide fresh, filtered and cool air to beat the heat🔥.

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