Best Skateboard Brands for Beginners and Experts for Street Skating

Skateboard is a type of sports equipment used primarily for the activity of skateboarding. If you are into cruising and tricking the board then this post will come in real handy as we are about to review the best skateboards. Which you can purchase without having any second thoughts. But before getting into the options we would like you to carefully understand your product and look all the aspect that goes into the buying decision.

First of the user must see what type of skating is required if you are purchasing a skating board for your kid then she precisely what type of skating he enjoys and what exactly he or she wants to use. The user must ensure the proper utilisation of the board. There are multiple types of boards available in the market. If the user wants to use tricks than a traditional form of boards will be used else regular ones like penny board.

In case you have not figure out what type you need then surely go for a short board. You can easily glide cruise and do all sort of tricks on the board and enjoy skating like never before.

Secondly what matters is picking the right shape of the board the moment you will focus on this you will understand there are like gazillions of options for the same. You can simply choose from radical, progressive, concave, flat cave, convex and all sort of shapes. All these are helpful for amateur skaters. They can drink bitter and are quite helpful. Usually beginners must go with the simplest option at hand. Rest when you get comfortable you can try other options as well.

Picking the right size and right wheels and colour of you are for your kids will be a smart move. Most of the adults are looking for a full size skateboard which is slightly wider than the rest one. Checking the quality of the board or plastic used in it for the life of the sketch board. The most important is the brand if you have chosen the right brand they will surely take care of their customers by providing high quality products with durability.

1) Best Element Skateboard

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Having been in business for around some 28 years now elements skateboard has earned a reputation of manufacturing highly durable and malleable skateboards simply perfect for performing tricks.

Element skateboard ranks first in the best skateboard brands list International skateboard Organisation incorporate elements skate board in global events.

The element skateboard decks are manufacturer in in the United States making it a more trusted product design and looks are additional advertised.

Element skateboard is one of the most popular skateboarding brands globally and they maintain a huge range.

2) Best Plan B Skateboards

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Known to revolutionize the skateboarding industry Plan B skateboard is one of the best Global skateboard brand in current times.

Supreme skateboard decks of plan B are manufactured with a tough and thick 7 layered Maple wood with minimal flexing and most of their boards are of 8 to 8.25 inches.

Plan B offers a lot of customisation however it additional it delivers complete skateboard prepared for a ride with everything available which includes the wheels, deck and even trucks and bearings.

Plan B skateboard also delivers toolboxes wheels and type of hip gadgets that each skateboarder needs to be seen wearing.

Plan B skateboards are very durable and offers a lot of customisation. The decks are cool to making them great for young skaters college goers and on road cruisers.

3) Best Creature Skateboards

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The creature skateboards are included in the top skateboards brand list because of high quality wood and intricate designs.

The company produces one of the best and durable boards and heavy decks in the entire country.

All the boats are made from 7 ply Maple wood and decks are usually wider in comparison to the other skateboards.

The extra width makes them more adaptable for old school skateboarding.

Creature skateboards are largely popular for their funky and terrific yet creative graphics.

The board are known for gastroline topics on their tax which attract a lot of young skateboarders.

This creature skateboards are great for mediocre skateboarders who are somewhere around professional and beginners.

4) Best Almost Skateboards

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Almas skateboards is one of the well established American skateboarding organisation and a respected one. 

The almost skateboards company primary producers 7 layer and 8 layers Carbon fibre deck with tar epoxy stick.

Originally this started just with mistakes but currently they have expanded their skateboarding accessories range.

You will get almost decks and trucks and wheels and bearings and they have a famous clothing line too.

This is a brand that focuses on fun and uniqueness but not considering oneself excessively important.

It is directed towards originality. inventing your own skateboarding styles.

Almost skateboard are good for female skateboarders and kids. One important reason they do not appeal to a lot of young skateboarders.

5) Best Flip Skateboards

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Flip skateboards can be seen as an abnormal state skateboards organisation that moved from United Kingdom to California to explore the American skateboarding in the industry.

Flipkart boards decks are manufactured using 7 layer Maple wood “Hallucinogenic Plans” decorated a significant number of the flip skateboards and also different outlines.

Client’s appreciate the standard decks and additionally the P2 models that are manufactured with oval molded fibre fortification board which makes them additional sturdy.

This flip skateboards manufacture sturdy decks for beginners and professionals alike. The boards are well suited for performing tricks too.